It’s Time to Get Organized

Announcing the formation of the Alpine Parent Society!

The mission of the Alpine Parent Society is to facilitate citizen involvement in the governance of the Alpine School District. The idea is that active citizen involvement and communication improves how government operates. We need more of this in Alpine School District, both to speak in support when they do things that are commendable, and to speak out when the District or Board does things that are objectionable.

Citizens will take turns attending School Board meetings and reporting on those meetings by posting to this blog, where anyone can come and read up on what’s going on with the District and our elected representatives, the School Board. If you are interested in attending just one or two School Board meetings each year and reporting on them, please email Autumn Cook at

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5 Responses to It’s Time to Get Organized

  1. Joyce Mitchell says:

    What a great idea. It is overwhelming to be the only one and not know who are the friends in the room. It would be great to post short notes and thoughts so others who participate in the rotation know what to watch and listen for. I’m in!

  2. afcook says:

    Thank you, Joyce! I’ll be in touch with you to get you on the rotation.

  3. Suzi Heiner says:

    I am interested! I am hoping we can get people for all 7 areas the board members are over so that we can hold each one of them accountable. That’s the goal anyways 😉 Anyone who can help with that would be appreciated!

  4. Lani Stott says:

    I went to the Alpine School District meeting and I can’t tell you how frustrated I was tonight. I felt like I was at a staged performance where actors came that were paid to be “Pro Common Core” in order for the school board members to have some merit to take the money. I have been to a few of these meetings but tonight they didn’t ask if anyone else would like to speak. If they would have, even though I wasn’t prepared, I would have shared my experiences on how it frustrates or sets up the students for failure.
    They had several teachers get up and tell how great the standards were and how knowledge and facts were no longer important. WHAT? Knowledge and facts aren’t important. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. One teacher even used the word “rigorous”, but she said “Not like you think of the word rigorous, it just challenges the kids to do better”. I wanted to say any teacher worth their weight in gold could make any standards or curriculum more challenging as It wasn’t due to the “great Core standards” that allowed students to be challenged.
    Anyway, there were only 2 people that were able to talk about how harmful the teaching is on our kids. Dr. Gary Thompson gave a great speech about how their clinic has to be licensed to give testing to children, yet the Utah School Board was going to administer these tests with no licenses and use our children as “guinea pigs” and these tests where not true measurements of what our kids know. He was spot on. The other gentleman who’s name was Cameron spoke about how all kids are different and Common Core wants to put all kids into the same box as if all kids learn the same right? We should treat them all the same when clearly all kids are different and unique. They of course do not learn at the same pace or understanding.
    I was so frustrated that I felt like this was all staged to make Common Core sound like the greatest thing since chocolate cake, when in reality it is far from it. It’s rotten Chocolate cake if anything. Just because it has some good “cake” in it, it is still rotten.
    As parents we all should be attending these meetings every month and letting the school board know what is best for our kids, after all we are the experts on what our kids need.

  5. LeeAnn says:

    The number 1 way to make a change is to get a majority on the School Board. Who lives in the 4 areas where there are board members that are pro common core and rubber stamping salary increases, and ignoring their constituency? Let’s get new board members in these 4 areas, we will see changes.

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