Study Session, November 25, 2014

by Joyce Mitchell

Held at Pleasant Grove Junior High

55% of the district’s money come from Residential taxes and 22% from commercial. Not only has our district been recognized with 85 other schools nationwide for excellence in reference to our financial reporting but there are many districts throughout the country that use our documents as a model for their own. If you want to see it go to –>Departments –>Business services–> Resources/Transparency-->Annual Financial Report.

Page 2 of the report shows that we have a student population of 72,467 (comparing it to last year’s # that is 1,700 MORE students) making it the 47th largest district in the nation.
Although it’s growing by leaps and bounds the district has made a decision long ago that they will stay the course of more emphasis on building improvement than building expansion.

They discussed the tricky business of finding more money (state or local or private) to boost a program that the Fed has decreased funding of. They revealed that to do so puts us on the hook for a greater portion of the funds forever after. To walk away from all federal funding (so we didn’t have to deal with strings attached) would put Utahans on the hook to cover $35 mill in funding every year.

Last, they are about to implement pay incentives for teachers through team performance evaluation. It has worked elsewhere, with testimonials from teachers who would never want to go back to the old culture of working by yourself and not benefiting from the perspective of fellow teachers or even knowing them.

The Superintendent assured everyone that as the program needs to be tweaked it will be, but the board and others have worked hard to come up with this over a long period of time and they are ready to see how it goes.

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