Board Meeting, December 9, 2014

Held at District Offices, 575 North 100 East, American Fork, Utah

There are two individual reports on this meeting.

by Kara Sherman

Community Comments:
Allison—approval of red boundary for new Lehi HS. Wants all of her area to go to the new high school.

Amy—echoes what Allison says as a neighbor. Understands now the reasons for the new HS and how it affects population in the old Lehi HS. Supports the red boundary.

Rob—agrees with having the high schools to retain the feeder schools—pure feeder school. Based on performance of students. Wonders about the business development side of the coin and not only on the residential side of the coin as the board seems to do.

Jacque—thankful to the board about how hard the decisions are made. Supports the red zone. Feels that the board is concerned about what the number show rather than what the children are concerned

Dr Henshaw says they have been heard, they have been listened to, committee put the red option up there because the parents wanted to see another option, explains how it is analyzed, etc. The board is struggling back and forth just like the committee

Kristen—boundary proposal, supports red boundaries, doesn’t think numbers are important, social and economic growth—although just threw out there an exact number—looks at the social aspects.

Landon—Supports red boundary (JoDee gave him a perm the day before he started JH—lots of laughter) directly affects his 10th grader next year. Supports the red border. Concerned with sports and how it affects baseball.

Jason—patronizes their hard jobs, wants continuity with their education through the feeder schools, his biggest thing is the social aspect, doesn’t feel like the numbers mean anything.

Dr Henshaw talking again about the personal aspects like this—several of them have gone through it personally with their own families, as educators and principals, as board members. When things impact young people they feel that personally. Mentioned the two 3rd graders missing for a few hours.

Dr. Bezzant–Just got out of the hospital. Wants to tell the board after the last meeting that he appreciates them. Gave a bust of Lincoln to the ASD to be in the lobby. He’s reading a quote on education from Lincoln.

Business Portion of Meeting:

Pleasant Grove property acquisition—next to PGHS. Passed.

Water easement resolution near Vista Heights—to the LDS Church for a building. Passed.

Amended Land Trust plans—approved already for the year as a technical point they ask that amended things be approved as following the letter of the law. You can go online to see these. Passed.

Membership Reports—current for this year the month of November. From Oct 1 to now is 116—normal. If it decreases in a school they don’t take the teacher or aide out they leave them there for the year and make the adjustment the next year. The elementary growth stays pretty much stable.

Board members and Superintendent items:

Scott Carlson—board of trustees voted last week for classifications and regions. 5A and 4A school including Orem HS stayed in regions they were in.

Adjourned 7pm sharp.



by Kiersten Armknecht

Community Comments:

Allison Stowers, Amy Jacobson, Rob Sandberg, Jacque, B., Kristen Butikofer, Landon and Jason Bott all spoke about the potential boundaries for the high schools in Lehi. They were all in favor of the red boundary that has been discussed. They preferred the red boundary for social reasons (keeping the students from the same jr. high together), safety, obvious boundaries(the business district and 1-15 divides their neighborhood from Lehi High), continuity in the community, ease the future construction at Lehi High and athletics. They recognized that there is the possibility that their particular neighborhood might be able to choose which school to attend but felt that choice might still be harder than having their neighborhood drawn into the boundary for the new high school. Some also like the idea of having a feeder school – felt that it helps with academic performance. One parent asked “how do we represent our children, how do we best share our voice?”

All those who commented shared their appreciation for the hard work the district staff and board have done. It is a huge job. Supt. Henshaw also commented that the district has heard them and that the red option was a result of their feedback.

Mark Bezzant presented a bust of Abraham Lincoln to ASD and recognized the great things happening in the district.

Minutes and claims for November were approved.

Routine business approved.


Action items:

PG property acquisition approved – SE corner where tennis courts are. Water easement in Saratoga Springs approved. Amended trust land plans approved

Scott Carlson spoke about the USHAA realignment vote. He also spoke during the study session about feedback concerning the high school boundaries and was appreciated by those who commented at the beginning of the meeting.

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