Study Session, December 9, 2014

by Robin Allred

held at District Offices, 575 North 100 East, American Fork, Utah

Enrollment discussion by that department:

Enrollment projections very close to actual. I had other commitments and missed much of it. I believe they are available online. Growth out west is substantial in secondary schools, but tapering off in elementary due to declining birth rate (from where it was six years ago). Westlake projection for 2019 is approximately 3600 students.

Boundary Presentation by Sam Jarman:

New elementary in Lehi will include Jordan Willows if proposed boundary is accepted Jordan Willows looks like Alaska on the map. They are currently bussed and will continue to be bussed. Snow Springs will have 918. New Elementary 725. North Point 867. The new elementary will have more growth than the other schools.

New high school two proposals, blue option original proposal, red option proposed by many people. The committee supports the blue plan (about 2/3 of the committee) for three reasons: 1-population 2-transportation needs 3- need for a third Lehi high school in about 8 years possibly on 1500, likely to affect Harvest Hills subdivision, dependent on acquiring land, passing bond, etc. They don’t want to change boundaries later on, because high school boundary changes are brutal! A junior high will also be needed to alleviate crowding at Willowcreek and Vista. A high school in Eagle Mountain will also be needed.

Trying to clean up boundary lines following city lines for Shelly and Sego Lilly elementary. Shelley feeds AF system. Sego Lilly feeds Lehi system.

We would like to have a pure feeder system, but unfortunately in some situations there really isn’t a good way to do that. We do what we can. We consider social impact, but there are other factors that we also need to look at.

Freedom Elementary students from certain areas would be allowed choice during the time that the school is closed to establish attendance and boundaries, usually 1-3 years. All high schools are open after that phase. All existing high schools are currently open to out of area.

Scott Carlson shared concerns from patrons and suggested choice for certain areas. Parents have social concerns. We should consider those requests.

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